‘Howard Hand in Hand’ Support Program

February 26, 2015

Howard Hand in Hand Howard Family Dental Foundation


As part of our commitment to service, we have proudly established the Howard Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is committed to supporting programs that support the education and health care of youth in our community and around the world in addition to supporting our Team Members and their families in times of crisis and educational endeavors.

To fulfil this mission, we have worked closely with St. Joseph’s Candler Hospital on ‘Howard Hand in Hand,’ support program for families at St. Joseph’s Candler that provides support, education and guidance to children and teens with a family member facing a life threatening disease.

“I believe that Howard Hand in Hand will help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of any children and families facing extraordinary challenges,” said Dr. John Howard, Founder of Howard Family Dental. “Together we can all give life-changing support, encouragement and hope.”

After losing his own mother to cancer as a child, Dr. Howard desired to support children in a similar situation. Children of cancer patients are unsure what is happening within their family, why their family member is not feeling well or acting the same and who they can talk to about their family member’s illness. Dr. Lindsay Sammons, Director of Howard Family Dental Foundation, also experienced her mother’s fight against breast cancer as a young girl. Fortunately, her mother is in remission. Dr. Sammons knows firsthand how cancer can affect the entire family.

Nancy Johnson, executive director of the Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion said, “Providing support to the children frees the parents dealing with their cancer to focus their energies on fighting this disease. The Howard Hand in Hand program helps to heal the whole family.”

If you would like to donate, please make check payable to ‘Howard Family Dental Foundation’ and mail to:

1020 Bryan Woods Loop, Suite 6, Savannah, GA 31410.

For more information on the Howard Hand in Hand program, please call 912-819-5704 or visit www.sjchs.org/howard-hand-in-hand.


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