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    Howard Family Dental Bluffton office donates over $75,000 in services to deserving Smile Makeover winner!

    Dr. Adam Squicquero and his team at our Howard Family Dental office in Bluffton are pleased to share the results from their Smile Makeover contest, which donated $75,893.00 in dental services to one deserving winner! The Smile Makeover contest was announced in May of 2018 and asked Bluffton-area residents to nominate a deserving mother or father in the spirit of Mother’s and Father’s Day. Out of over 45 nominations, Charlie Card, a local Bluffton father, was chosen as the winner after being nominated by his wife, EmMee.

    “Charlie LOVES to smile and make people smile…He is also a wonderful dad and is known for being the best hugger and putting other people’s needs first,” read EmMee’s nomination. She goes on, “Unfortunately, he is very self conscious about his own smile…Every day is a trial as they (his teeth) cause him extreme pain, physically and emotionally. He works tirelessly for everyone else and really deserves something for himself.”

    Dr. Squicquero completed Card’s treatment on February 21, 2019. The complete smile restoration included 28 crowns, eight implants, four root canals and eight visits.

    “Our team had a wonderful experience getting to know Charlie and help him achieve his dream smile,” said Dr. Squicquero. “Charlie values his smile and oral health so highly, so it was a joy to bring a confident smile back to his face.”

    Charlie poses with the staff of Howard Family Dental Bluffton

    In addition to the time and services donated by Dr. Squicquero and the team at Howard Family Dental in Bluffton, several other businesses banded together to give Card the smile of his dreams. Classic Craft Dental Lab based in Thunderbolt, Ga. donated $4,002.00 in lab costs; Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery located in Bluffton, S.C. donated $250.00 in services; and Implant Concierge out of San Antonio, Texas donated $717.00 in services.

    “I have to get used to my new smile!” said Card with a chuckle at the annual Howard Family Dental summit held on February 22 – just one day after completing his treatment plan. Card and his family were invited to the company event to celebrate his new smile and to share his story. “Words can’t describe how appreciative I am for Dr. Squicquero and the team at Howard Family Dental in Bluffton, and for my wife who found this contest and nominated me. You all gave me my smile back and have left me completely speechless.”

    Image of Charlie's teeth before his makeover
    Image of Charlie's smile after smile makeover