Serving Savannah, Coastal Georgia & South Carolina

At Howard Family Dental, our patients are part of our family. We are confident our friendly office environments and incredible team members will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. Our dentists in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas provide a wide-range of dental services, from cleanings and fillings to dental implants and reconstruction; all using leading-edge dental technology.

Howard Family Dental has been serving the Savannah area since 1980, when Dr. John C. Howard, Jr. opened his practice on Drayton Street. He ran the practice as a solo office for years before bringing his daughter, Dr. Julie Howard on as partner in 1997.  The practice expanded; they brought in more dentists and added more offices in greater Savannah, Pooler and Hinesville as ‘Howard Dental Group’ formed.

As of 2006, after 35 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Howard moved full-time into a leader, management and growth role. From this time, our dental group has grown to include 11 general practices serving Midtown and Southside Savannah, Wilmington Island, Pooler, Brunswick, Hinesville, Statesboro, Richmond Hill, Rincon and Bluffton and Beaufort, South Carolina.

Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Dental Partners is one of the countries largest group dental practices. We believe in offering high quality dental care and serving our patients with courtesy and respect. Formed to share expertise and talent, Mortenson Dental Partners was created to connect dental practices across the country and to offer new locations to serve more patients. With services ranging from general dentistry to pediatric dentistry, orthodontics to oral surgery; we are always looking to added talented individuals to our team. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please click to apply.

History of Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Family Dental was founded in 1979 in Middletown, KY by Dr. Wayne Mortenson. After many years of running a successful practice, Dr. Wayne's sons joined the dental field and opened their own Mortenson Family Dental locations. With the success of running several Mortenson Family Dental locations, the Mortenson family allowed other local dentists with the same values and visions to join the company and open Mortenson Family Dental locations as well.

In 2011 Dr. Wayne and Dr. John Howard, of Howard Family Dental, realized they were running similar companies and they could benefit from joining together and sharing the best practices they had learned throughout their dental carers. Not long after, Dr. John Meis, Siouxland Dental Health (now Summit Dental Health), and his practices joined Dr. Mortenson and Dr. Howard and Mortenson Dental Partners was created. Now Mortenson Dental Partners is providing dental care in 10 states providing dental treatment to hundreds of thousands of patients a year.